Meet Snicklefritz & Staci

snickersWe have been blessed with the opportunity to help a young lady, Staci Forshee, who is in the bio-chemistry student at Oklahoma State University (OSU). She has been training and showing llama’s since she was twelve and teaches performance handling in the llama world. Snicklefritz was her first llama and she loves him very much. Snickles was attacked by dogs when he was a cria and injured. He is now crippled and has been having difficulty navigating the large pasture that has been made available to him by Staci’s grandparents. We offered to look after him, as our paddocks are space limited and he does not have to travel to get food. He is doing great and has fit right into the herd. A recent trip to the OSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital confirmed that his disability has worsened, but with care and medication, Snickle has many happy years ahead of him. The three wise guys (L’il King, Sunny and Aurora) became immediate friends with Snickles and he is quite comfortable. We are taking him to OSU today (along with L’il King, who is getting his cast removed) to see if he can be made more comfortable. We are delighted to have him as a guest.