King of Hearts

kingIt is funny (funny, weird) how unexpected things can happen quickly. I when out to the paddocks to check things out and do the evening chores. I notice our little boy, King (short for Kindred Spirits King of Hearts), was limping. A quick call to the OSU medical center resulted in a fast trailer hook up (already positioned by the loading gate) and drive to the OSU vet hospital.

Two doctors, three students, and a series of x-rays later, we were headed home with a little boy in a soft cast from left front foot to the top of the leg. He broke a toe! His mommy (Ananda) went with him and did a fantastic job of taking care of her cria throughout the entire event. She even stayed with him (at the request of the doctor) in the x-ray room, complete with protective apron! The cast is in the OSU colors, bright orange, and the doctor drew a “smiley face” on it. King adapted immediately and is doing very well. We are being very careful to make sure the cast does not restrict blood flow to the leg, but the prognosis is for a full recovery within three weeks.

What surprised me was the level of technology available at OSU. I broke my leg (both lower bones) almost four years ago and remember dealing with fuzzy x-ray prints viewed on the old back-light system. OSU uses advance digital technology which allowed the brake to be viewed on a high definition screen in seconds, complete with the ability to zoom in and rotate to any view. They were able to re-set and accurately tape the brake in place before adding the cast. King was placed on pain controlling meds as soon as the problem was initially diagnosed and he never so much as flared a nostril. We are blessed to have such a good medical facility so close. I am thinking of wearing a wrist bracelet that says “If found unconscious, take to the OSU vet hospital.”

Margi (our most experience mommy) is still holding out, but today may be the day. The temps will be in the high seventies for the next few days, which would be perfect.